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With spring already here and summer on the way, many people are looking to provide a fresh, new look for various rooms in their homes.

With this in mind, one Merseyside-based expert has some advice. Thelma Hughes, co-founder of Stewart Interiors of Southport, urges everyone to do their homework before starting any project. It is vital to leave plenty of time for planning, said Thelma who started the business about 20 years ago in company with her sister Valerie Bolger, continued: Collect swatches of fabrics from your local suppliers, together with paint colour charts.

Buy some match pots and try the paint to ensure that you have something that will blend in with the overall colour scheme. Thelma says that the most popular colours at present are coffee, teal, taupe and cream, any combination of which is suitable to create a really bright and interesting effect.

Poles are very popular and gone are the days when we used to have lots of swags and tails. Most of the curtains we make are on poles, with pinch pleat, goblet and the new wave style very much preferred by many home lovers. We also do eyelets. Thelma has seen room fashions come and go during many years in the interior design profession and she is quite certain that the current trend for the minimalistic look won’t last for very long.

It may not be out in the very immediate future, but sooner or later the more traditional designs will be back in. The traditional look is easier to live with because it is more interesting, comfortable and elegant,” she continued. These days some people do not even have curtains, just blinds, but that will change. Despite a preference by some to merely emulsion bare walls, there are still plenty of wallpapers about – and they are popular.

Many people opt for an accent wall to provide a feature, with the other three walls decorated in plain paper and painted. We recently carried out the interior design for Westcliffe Manor, Southport’s first five-star care home and our brief was to make it look like a high class hotel. We designed an accent wall in every room, creating a modern and luxurious feel to blend in with state-of-the-art features, such as the plasma TV screens. Westcliffe Manor is just one of Stewart Interiors’ many triumphs.

Another is Coco, a very upmarket boutique recently completed in Southport and already a target for celebrity clients. The main specification was to create a light and airy feel, but the extremely large front window posed a problem in as much as passers-by often took too much time gazing inside. Thelma and her team overcame this by blocking part of the window with a specially made giant gold frame within which is a leather quilting with shoes and a 1960s female model.

The effect is stunning and Thelma has had a massive amount of feedback from it. The same expertise is used to transform people’s homes and Thelma says that the quality of Lancashire-based suppliers and tradesmen and the regeneration of the region’s cities, Liverpool included, have had a positive effect on local interior design, which is as good any to be found, anywhere. Stewart Interiors, which is at 71 Alma Road, Birkdale, Southport, can be contacted by phoning 01704 568449.


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